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Viking Cycle Ironborn Motorcycle Textile Jacket

Top Motorcycle Leather Jackets


  - Completely water proof
  - Stains can be removed easily


 - Gentle wash is vital

When using Viking motorcycle leather jacket you came to know exactly the advantages of using leather. Bikers are traditionally related with wearing black or other suitable color leather jackets and sunglass. Not merely look fashionable and smooth but they really act as an extra skin, providing an additional coat of protection. No other leather protective covers are as smart as this and with beneficiary biker you are certain to have a great appear. But when comparing the advantages it gives more benefit than any other also you know leather jackets are easy to purchase from online shopping site.

The great thing about leather jackets are it comes with various size that suits perfectly to your body. It is not probable to vary from every online store to store, unlike other clothing. This means that you do not include to go to your neighborhood store and attempt to buy a jacket you can simply order a Viking leather jacket off a website like ours from the soothe of your individual home. This means you don’t have to break off your game of or waste gas driving to the store since you can be certain the jacket you have selected is going to outfit you.

Leather jackets are really fashionable in today’s world most of the present generation wish to wear leather jacket since it is chic. If you are font of trendy fashion, militant as well as a biker, then you are very fortunate because you can forever look cool and stylish on your motorcycle or bike in a Viking leather jacket. Shopping websites like ours take customary leather jackets and add trendy accessories like tassel and hoops to them. Leather is tough to withstand high weather or low weather so need not worry about the toughness of this jacket it lasts throughout your lifetime.

Another great benefit of Viking leather is that it is an adaptable material which is very well-built, yet feels flexible on the skin. If you ensue to fall off your motorcycle, your jacket will assist to prevent cuts and graze. Leather is a very hard-wearing material and a first-class quality jacket can endure for much years. Whatever the weather will be don’t worry about that since the leather is great Leather is a very tough material that can survive with all climate conditions from vivid sunlight to rain. It takes a lot to injure a leather jacket, unlike other clothes whose patterns may fade in the sun rays, rip simply, or widen when they becomes wet. Viking leather jacket is a fabric that is been used by people to make clothes and garnishes, long previous to the fashion business as we know it is prevalent. It has been in all period; by attractive much every civilization and they know why they were selecting it. Leather is a grand cloth that protects people’s body or goods; it is nice to wear and long-lasting so don’t delay purchase from our website.





Water Proof Yes
Model VC512B-3XL
Folding no
Special Features Adjustable belt strap, Headphones through collar system, Snap loops to attach jacket to belt, Quick acess mobile pocket, Reflective stripes
Vehicle Service Type Motorcycle
Warranty, Parts Parts